We’re tired of waiting

“So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for…”

Spring! Where is it hiding? We’re tired of looking at bare, brown trees. We’re tired of watching for the green shoots of the daffodils in the back garden and seeing only dead leaves and dirt. Heck, the crocuses are barely up. We hear birds chirping in the morning, but we’re pretty sure we’re dreaming. The sun makes alluring puddles for us in the afternoon, but they’re not warm.

Even our favorite toy has lost its thrill.

We’re so bored with winter we’re blue.

And we’re sick of our toys. We want something to watch outside. Where are the walkers, the kids playing kickball? Watching people shovel snow was pretty boring, but that was better than nothing — up to a point.

Even our favorite toys are no fun. Can indoor cats get cabin fever, too??