Merry Christmas — at last!

Happy Christmas to all — and we hope everyone is enjoying the special joys of this special time of year. Friends, family, music, laughter, lights, fun, love, reflection, thanksgiving, gratitude (and, also for us, tuna and belly rubs and lots of dashing through crinkly tissue paper).

Santa Paws was very good to us this year, and you can see in this video that we were pretty impatient when we spied the presents waiting for us this morning. (You’ll also notice there was no tree again this year. You’d think we were a pair of ruffians, the way our Decca keeps breakable — and tumble-able and detachable — things away from us. For our own good, she says. As soon as we opened our presents this morning, she snipped off any little bells that were attached, so we wouldn’t accidentally swallow them.)

Catnip for Trouble! Feathers for Mischief! Lots of rolling and bouncing things to chase. And, in the end, tissue paper!!

Snow on the garden

While we were looking at this…

To be honest, though, we were so afraid we wouldn’t have any of that this year. Weeks and weeks ago, our Decca threw a bunch of suitcases in her car and drove away. Every day we waited to hear the garage door go up, but all we heard was the front door opening as our sitter arrived. She’s a wonderful person and spent a lot of time petting and playing with us, but it’s just not the same.

A Caribbean beach

… Decca was looking at this.

Night was the worst. It was too dark and too quiet and we didn’t have anyone to sleep with except each other. There weren’t any good smells in the kitchen, nor were there any ribbons to steal or wrapping papers to burrow under.

It hardly mattered, in the end, that we got extra play time and extra food. with our sitter We wanted Decca — and we wanted Christmas.

Well, yesterday afternoon, Christmas Eve, when we’d just about given up, we heard the garage door rumble and Decca walked in! She said she was sorry, but if that was the case, why did she go?

We don’t understand this vacation thing humans get so excited about. What about us? Those weeks and weeks — oh, OK, it was 10 days, but it seemed like forever — are time we’ll never get back. You try to make it up with combing and brushing and paw-ticures, but we’ll never forget the lonely time.

Relaxation, you say you needed? We don’t need to travel to do that. Stay with us and we’ll teach you all about how to relax.

Step 1: Start with two cats. Add a catnip mouse and a feather, although a bottle cap and a crumpled grocery list will do just as well. Play until ready to nap.
Step 2: Nap.
Step 3: Get brush and comb. Luxuriate in the soothing strokes from tip of whiskers to end of tail as you apply them to us.
Step 4: Feel the purr.
Step 5: Nap.
Step 6: Repeat as often as desired, but no less than four times a day. Each.

Vacation? Who needs it. From what we can see, her trip may have been fun, but it was exhausting. The first thing Decca did after she took off her coat was to curl up for a nap. With us.

We purred. With lots of days to make up for, we purred a lot. We’re still purring.

All’s right with the world again.

Peace on earth, goodwill toward all

We’re cats, not poets, but at this most holy season, we wish you blessings:

Amid pain, may you experience healing.
Amid suffering, may you help and be helped.
In times of despair, may you find hope.

DeccaCats Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas from Trouble and Mischief! (See our tree? That’s all we’re allowed to have.)

If you fall into doubt, may you discover faith.
If you find yourself in conflict, may you know peace.
In the midst of clamor, may you hear that still, small voice within that calms and says all will be well.

As winter begins, remember the longest night is already behind us. Each dawn brings us closer to a new spring.

As the old year dies away, a new year begins. May it bring you wisdom, joy and love.

In an imperfect world, may you see the promise of tomorrow.